Frequently Asked Questions

The environmental impact of our mycoprotein is negligible. Compared to both plant and animal proteins, its land and water use is minimal. Furthermore, it produces fewer carbon emissions.

Mycoprotein is a versatile and user-friendly raw material. It serves as a component in products that are used to substitute both animal-based products and plant-based products, offering a tastier and healthier alternative.

Yes. Our Mycoprotein is free from GMOs.

Yes. We don't use any ingredients with animal byproducts when we make mycoprotein. As a result, it is entirely vegan.

Yes. It is free of gluten. However, the formulation recipe of mycoprotein-containing end products may include wheat gluten.

ACME is one of the leading renewable energy companies globally. Driven by sustainability ACME is expanded into the manufacturing of green hydrogen and green ammonia business.

A naturally occurring filamentous fungus produces mycoprotein. It is consumed throughout the world without causing any negative side effects.