Using the cutting edge of fermentation technology, mycoprotein is manufactured employing the filamentous fungi. We are applying highly efficient method for transforming the fungi into protein to cater the protein demand globally. The process is eco-friendly & yielding high protein content with no or minimal waste.



Mycelium of filamentous fungus is used as a starter culture and a small volume of it is fed to the bioreactors to initiate the fermentation process.


Fungi is grown in an aerobic fermentation system provided a consistent supply of nutrients required for the multiplication of biomass.


The produced biomass is heated rapidly to inactivate the live cells. It is further harvested from the bioreactor using the centrifuge and collected in the form of semi-solid paste.

End Product

The semi-solid paste is further lyophilized to get the dry form of powder. We are manufacturing the two different forms of finshed products: wet biomass and dry mycoprotein powder. Both of them are whole-new prospective food ingredients that are incredibly fun to work with extraordinary culinary experience and can be used right away in the food industry for various product categories.